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Wedding Flowers Guide Newsletter
March 20, 2006

Welcome to the latest Wedding Flower Guide Newsletter,

It's been a busy start to spring for us. As well as doing the flowers for several weddings, we are also busy doing promotions at wedding fairs.

One of our new designs that has been going down a storm at the fairs is the tall carnation centerpiece. This is great for adding your personal touch to large venues such as a wedding marquee (tent), or hotel with a high ceiling.

Here's a picture of it.

It's the top picture on the page. I don't think this picture really does it justice, as the arrangement is a spectacular 5 feet tall!

I thought I'd share with you how to make it, if you want to do it yourself.


Use a 70cm vase. Place a ball of floristry foam (Oasis) on the top.

Take a bunch of steelgrass. Firmly fix it into the oasis using hot glue. Wrap the lowest 15cm (6 inches) of the bunch in wire.

You need a large number of carnations - about 50 for each centrepiece. Cut the carnation stems to about 5 cm (2 inches). Fix into the oasis ball, until the whole of the ball is covered.

Remove about 6 cymbidium orchids from their stem and fix them to the ends of pieces of steelgrass. We found that they stayed in place without the need for wire or glue.

Take a stem of cymbidium orchids and submerge in the water of the vase for a final flourish.

There's plenty of variations on this display - For instance you could replace the carnations with roses if you wanted.

Note: This arrangement is not easy to transport in its finished state, so you will have to make it up on site on the morning of the wedding.

Brown the New Black?

We've taken several bookings for brown and brown/pink wedding flowers this year. Could this be the start of a new color trend?

You may think that there aren't any brown flowers, but you would be surprised. The beautiful dark brown Cosmos look great at weddings. Tropical chocolate brown anthuriums have been popular with our brides.

We're really looking forward to doing these weddings as the flowers are going to look great. I'll post the pictures on the website when we get them.

Getting Married Abroad

We've spoken to an increasing number of brides that are getting married abroad. When it comes to flowers, you've got a number of choices: you can have your flowers arranged locally at your destination or take them with you. Silk flowers make an excellent choice if you are travelling, because they will easily fit in your luggage.

But don't rule out real flowers! We made a fresh flower bouquet of calla lilies for a bride that got married at the Ice Hotel in Lapland.(To read about this fascinating destination, click on the Union Jack flag in the top right of the page to change the language from Swedish to English).

In fact the bouquet box took us as long to make as the arrangement because we wanted it to be easy for the bride to carry and also easy to open if customs wanted to check it.

The flowers arrived at their destination OK and the bride was delighted. The photographer was also pleased because it was the first time that he had had fresh flowers to photograph at the hotel.

In the event the bouquet box was opened by customs, but they were quite happy to allow the flowers through. You may want to check with customs in your country that they will let cut flowers pass.

That's all for now.

Have fun preparing for your wedding.

Paul and Cindy

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