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Spring Wedding Flower Ideas...
March 27, 2007

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It's Spring Time!

At last the long winter is over, the daffodils are peaking up and the sun is shinning.

Spring provides a wealth of seasonal flowers for our brides; it's become almost as popular now to get married in the springtime as the summer.

SO WHAT'S THE MOST POPULAR SPRING FLOWERS? They include ranunculus, which are a delicate looking flower but are robust enough to be made into a handtied posy. Their colours range from delicate pink through to yellow, orange, bright red and a deep purple. Anemones also offer a wide range of vibrant colours.

Hyacinths come in lovely blues as well as white and pink and add fragrance to your arrangements. Muscari (grape hyacinth) flowers are pretty little flowers that are grown from bulbs. Tulips in all colours are very popular as well as pussy willow.

SO WHAT'S NEW? Click the link below to view a new table centre design that we created this spring featuring the very popular pussy willow stems combined with tulips.

Tulips and pussy willow are a fantastic spring combination; they just shout "spring is here" out at you. This combination can make a fantastic handtied posy as well as contemporary and unusual buttonholes.

I think that pussy willow is so popular because of its beautiful tactile qualities; everyone loves the furry buds. The great thing about tulips is their vast range of colours - you're bound to find one variety to your liking. Growers are continuing to develop new varieties including the parrot varieties (frilly-petalled) and two-tone varieties.

If you're planning a wedding in the Spring Time (like me), I hope this has given you some inspiration, there's just so much to choose from!

MORE WEDDING STUFF As some of you already know, Paul and me are getting married next year. Here's the latest tips from what I've been researching.

PERSONAL WEDDING WEBSITES These are becoming a popular way to let people know all about you and your wedding. They can provide essential information like directions to the church, parking etc. But they can also be used for fun stuff like stories about how you met.

There are companies that specialise in doing this for you - I met one at a wedding fayre recently that charge 200GBP and up.

But here is a link where you can get your own site for free.


I'm just at the stage of starting to look for my dress and bridesmaid's dress. I read somewhere that the average price of a wedding dress is about 1000GBP. If you don't want to spend that kind of cash, there have been some interesting developments in the last year or so in the UK. The 'big boys' are moving in.

High Street names like Marks and Spencer, BHS, and Debenhams have all brought out wedding dress and bridesmaids' dress ranges. Prices from 65 GBP for a wedding dress. Yes, 65 quid! I was at BHS at Fosse Park, Leicester at the weekend, and their range looked good value for money.

Even if you decide to get your dress from a bridal shop, you can still save a lot by using big-name stores for your bridesmaids' dresses.

The wedding ranges aren't at every store (just the big ones), so check the details at the website, and phone to find your nearest stockists. Would you buy your wedding dress off the high street? See what you think, here are the links:


Marks and Spencer


Best Wishes,

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