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Beautiful Orchid Wedding Photos...
February 11, 2007

Hope your wedding planning is going well. I've just put some new pages on the website with photos, that you may be interested in looking at.


Cindy went to the Spring Florist Event in January. This is one of the UK's biggest gatherings of professional florists and is great for staying up to date with trends and getting new ideas.

The Dutch Flower Council had a stand where they were making jewellery pieces from real flowers. These can be real fun pieces. Have a look at these photos that we took of a necklace and corsage that she created with some calla lilies. Warning! These are only for bold people who like to create a style splash.


A great choice for a sophisticated look is Phalaenopsis orchids (commonly called moth orchids). These are absolutely beautiful flowers that never fail to impress.

Tom Cruise's recent wedding to Katie Holmes featured these flowers. They are a bit more expensive than normal flowers, but this only adds to their exclusive image.

I've just put together a new page featuring information on this flower, and some photos of a Phalaenopsis orchid wedding that we recently did at Wroxall Abbey in Warwickshire.


Plans for our own wedding next year are shaping up. We've booked the venue now. After being shocked by the rip-off prices of some of the local hotels, we've gone for a civil ceremony at a local historic building that has only recently started doing weddings. Isn't it great doing research on the Internet, I would never have found out about this place otherwise.

It is an intimate venue and over 400 years old. Should be good. There are no permanent onsite caterers or bar staff. But this is actually a bonus. You can arrange your own caterers to come in and use the onsite kitchens and we've been recommended a wholesale wine merchant that will supply weddings.

This is going to be a big saving for us - and our guests. One of the biggest profit centres for a wedding venue is the ridiculous prices they charge on drinks. You'll know this if you've ever got a round of drinks in at somebody else's event. Reining in the bar bill should help us keep on budget.

As well as booking the venue, we've also sorted the photographer and registrar. Now what to do about the flowers? Both of us have strong ideas on favourite types of flowers and designs - unfortunately they are not always the same ideas. I foresee a lot of, how shall I say, discussions ahead.

Have Fun Planning,

All the best,


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