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Latest cascade bouquet photos...
October 12, 2006

Things have quietened down a little after the summer, so we've had a chance to catch up and even start planning our own wedding. I'm planning on putting some more photos up on the website that should give you inspiration if you are looking for ideas on creating wedding flowers.


The first set of new photos are based on cascade (shower) bouquets.

These are a classic style of bouquet, but they can be styled in a very modern way. I've just added a new page to the website that has photo's of some of the cascade bouquets that we have created over the summer. Hope you like them.

(If the above URL is not a link, copy-and-paste the URL into your Web browser).


We got the ring! At last Cindy has an engagement ring on her finger. Readers of previous newsletters will know some of the trouble we've had getting a ring - but it's been worth the wait.

But the day before we were due to pick it up, I thought bad luck had struck again. I was tuned into our local radio station on and caught a piece "...customers held hostage in Leamington jewellers for over 4 hours...".

I thought surely that can't be our jewellers, and they've had another burglary...including our ring!

As I continued to listen, sure enough it was our jewellers. But it wasn't an armed gang that had kept everybody was a swarm of bees!

Here's a photo we took on the self-timer.


We're now planning the venue for our wedding. I'm glad we've opted for getting married in 2008, 'cos this thing is gonna cost! At least we'll have some time to save up.

Our initial discussions with hotels have been a bit disappointing. Some we've found to be too restrictive. Another wanted us to guarantee that our guests will take a minimum of 15 of their bedrooms. Well, excuse me! We'll plan the wedding our way thank you, and I ain't no hotel room salesman either!

I think the answer is that we're going to have to go for something a little bit different to keep the cost down and keep our sanity.

If you've got any tips or experiences you'd like to share, please let us know via our contact us page. We might print some ideas in our next newsletter.


Do you think that wedding DJ's can be a bit, how can I put it, a bit naff? You know fancy themselves a bit too much on the microphone, and then they don't play any decent music.

Well this might be an alternative for you. A wedding jukebox. Cindy saw one of these recently when she was setting up a wedding and thought it was a great idea. You can hire it with CD's already in it, or (and I think this is better) you can ram it full of your own favourite CD's.

I had a quick look on the Net and found this site that gives you an idea of the service.

All the best,

Paul and Cindy wedding-flowers-guide

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