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Create your own wedding flowers...
August 29, 2006

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  2. Behind the scenes
  3. Heatwave - how to cope
  4. Our engagement ring disaster

    We've just finished putting the final touches to our ebook "Create Your Own Wedding Flowers".

    We put this product together because there are a lot of people coming to our site that are really looking for ideas on how to produce their own wedding decorations. Check it out at:

    If you learn best by following step-by-step pictures, rather than loads of boring text, this could be a product for you.


    Have you ever wondered what your florist gets up to in the run up to your wedding?

    We took our camera out with us in the build up to a recent wedding, so you could have a sneak behind the scenes look. Go to:


    It was a baking hot July here in the UK, with record-breaking temperatures. Although this is great for outdoor photos of your wedding, it is not so welcome for your flowers.

    Luckily for us, August hasn't been as hot as predicted.

    Here are some flower tips on coping with high temperatures if you are planning on getting married in a hot country or during the hotter months.

    • Make up your bouquets and arrangements as late as possible - we generally make up shower bouquets and wired bouquets on the morning of the wedding.
    • Consider a hand-tied bouquet - These bouquets can be stored in a vase of water in the build up to the wedding and indeed throughout the day (you can't do this with a wired bouquet). They can also be made the night before and stored in water.
    • Select flowers that resist heat - Tropical flowers and those with robust petals are better at coping with high temperatures. We've found that the best flowers are cymbidium orchids which last well even when cut. On the other hand delicate flowers like sweet peas just won't be able to cope.
    • Use an anti-transpiration product. These professional sprays help prevent wilting by preventing water being lost from the flower. We use Glory, which is manufactured by Chrysal. If you can't get hold of such a product use some water in a spritzer or plant mister.
    • Store in the cool - Try and store your flowers in a cool area until they are required. In particular, make sure that they are out of direct sun.


    I told you last month that Cindy and I (the guys behind the site) had got engaged. We were all excited about getting the engagement ring having spent ages looking for the right design and the right person to make it for us…or so we thought!

    Having made our choice we were about to discuss final details and put down our deposit, when out of the blue the ring designer called us to say that his company had gone out of business. We were really disappointed, but at least the designer had the good grace to tell us, else I'm sure that our deposit would have disappeared with no ring to show for it.

    So we started a search for a ring all over again! And after scouring the Internet, and taking trips to the Jewellery Quarter we've found just what we were looking for (a platinum ring with solitaire diamond in a semi-rub over setting).

    Oddly enough we found it in our hometown of Leamington Spa - in fact in one of the first jewellers shops we looked at; but they have had some new stock. Talk about going full circle.

    Just waiting to get the correct size now - should get it in the next week or so. Cindy has been very patient, but I know she really just wants to get it now. Not long to wait now.

    All the best,
    Paul Ajao

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