Real or Artificial Wedding Flowers?

Can Artificial Wedding Flowers Measure Up to the Real Thing?

There are 101 things for the bride-to-be to consider. And sooner or later the choice of whether to have real or artificial wedding flowers is likely to come up.

Here we look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of each, so that you can decide.

Real Flowers - The Pros and Cons

For many brides real flowers are the first choice. They have a natural feel and fragrance and just feel 'right'. If you are a lover of flowers, it is difficult to accept any substitute.

But real flowers do have their limitations. They can wilt in hot weather. And they have to be prepared only a short time before the wedding itself. Together with the realism of some artificial wedding flowers, this has lead to an increase in the popularity of silk flowers.

Artificial flowers can be prepared in advance by your florist or by yourself, so there is not a mad last minute rush to get everything completed. Some brides also like the fact that the bouquets can be kept as a keepsake and reminder of the day.

Suffer from allergies? Silk flowers may be the best choice if you don't want to have a red nose and streaming eyes in your wedding photos.

Are Artificial Wedding Flowers Cheaper?

What about price? Artificial wedding flowers can be a little cheaper than real flowers. However the quality and realism of silk flowers can vary enormously. The best quality and most realistic ones are of a similar price to real flowers. An artificial bouquet will also take a florist the same amount of time to prepare as a real one; so don't expect silk flowers to always be cheaper.

Will it be Obvious That They are Fake Wedding Flowers?

The best quality silk flowers are now very realistic indeed. In fact although the general term 'silk flowers' is used interchangeably with artificial flowers, many of the flowers nowadays are not made of silk. There are a variety of materials that are used to create life-like imitations.

Consider how close your guests are likely to be to the flowers at your wedding. Artificial arrangements at a ceremony may not be noticed because guests are quite far away from them. However a silk flower centerpiece at a reception is much more likely to be scrutinised by guests.

Ask to see previous examples of silk flowers that your florist has made, or ideally the flowers themselves. You will them be able to decide whether the flowers are convincing enough for you.

In addition to the look of the flowers, there is also the fragrance. Although you can purchase perfume for artificial flowers, it is extremely difficult to recreate the delicate floral fragrance of a real flower.

The Final Choice

The final choice depends on what type of person you are.

If you're a practical person that wants her bouquet as a keepsake, and would not be concerned by the odd guest saying 'aren't they artificial flowers?' then by all means go for silk wedding flowers.

If you are a real romantic and just feel that there is no substitute for the velvety smoothness of 'Grand Prix' red roses or the fresh fragrance of hyacinths - then enjoy your day with natural real flowers.

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