Beach Wedding Flowers

Looking for beach wedding flowers for your themed wedding? Here are some ideas for what you could choose.

Types of Beach Wedding Flowers

Beach wedding flower bouquet with orchids and gloriosa liliesThe best type of flowers to choose are tropical flowers such as cymbidium orchids, Phalaenopsis orchids, anthuriums and gloriosa lilies. These flowers give both the right feel to your bouquets and table arrangements but also add a dash of bright color as well.

Think strong cerise pink, bright yellow, lime green and red when you're putting your flowers together. You can also add in your favorite flowers of this color even if they are not strictly tropical. For instance you could use pink gerberas and yellow calla lilies.

The main flowers in the bouquet in the photo are lime green dendrobium orchids, pink gerberas and pink/yellow gloriosa lilies.

There are a number of tall and dramatic exotic flowers such as strelitzia (bird of paradise) and ginger. These can make wonderful tall centerpieces and venue arrangements.

The Secret Ingredient

In addition to the flowers, the type of foliage that you use can have a huge effect on the impact of your arrangements. For a beach wedding theme, forget about ferns and moss. Use palm leaves and the giant Monstera leaves (Swiss cheese plant). These are big, bold and beautiful - no wonder they're a favorite among many contemporary florists.

Wedding Leis

Instead of just having traditional wedding flowers you could have some wedding leis. These are garlands of flowers that are worn around the neck. They are popular in Hawaii and other islands in the Pacific. You can now use the Internet to have wedding leis delivered to your door.

Beach Wedding Sundries

Every florist needs sundries to make their arrangements and bouquets. And some of the recent products that have been developed are ideal for beach wedding flowers. These include pieces of Oasis floral foam that are shaped and colored to look like beach pebbles. You can also get attractively colored shells from your sundries supplier.

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