Bouquet Toss - Should You Do it at Your Wedding?

The tradition of the bouquet toss goes back many years to a time when ladies thought themselves very 'lucky' to be getting married. So that some of this luck could rub off on their friends, they would toss their bouquet and according to tradition the 'catcher' would be the next to marry.


Bouquet Toss and the Modern Bride

Of course things have moved on since this time. Some brides now feel a little uncomfortable dragging their unmarried friends into the limelight. And indeed some of the single female guests are more than happy with their situation and don't relish the idea of participating.

With bridal bouquets being so beautiful nowadays, many brides want to keep their bouquet as a momento of their day. Indeed many of the brides that we have worked with have said that they kept their bouquet. It is even possible to preserve real flower bouquets.

Having said that, many traditionalists still love the idea of the bouquet toss. And it certainly adds some extra entertainment to the reception after the cutting of the cake.

So should you toss your bouquet? Here are some ideas and alternatives for you to consider.

Toss Bouquet

Instead of tossing your main bouquet, you can have your florist make up a smaller 'toss bouquet' especially for the tradition. This way you get to retain your bouquet as a keepsake. The toss bouquet can be made up in the same flowers as your main bouquet.


You could instead give your bouquet to your parents as a token of thanks for all their help in the preparation of your wedding. You can either do this formally at the wedding reception, and incorporate it into the speeches, or do it more discreetly later on.

Longest Married

Instead of giving your bouquet to the singles, what about celebrating the longest married? You could either find out this information in advance, or enlist the help of your DJ. Get all the married couples on the dancefloor and then ask couples that have been married less than 5 years to sit down, then 10 years, 15 years etc. Eventually you'll be left with the longest married couple still dancing.

Furthest Travelled

I'm often amazed at how far people come to make sure they are present on a loved-ones wedding day. Inter-continental flights are no problem to these loyal friends. Why not say thanks by giving your bouquet to the person who has travelled the furthest?

Garter Toss

You could dispense with the bouquet toss altogether and go for a garter toss instead. This way you get to keep your bouquet. You might even be able to get the young men involved as well as the ladies!

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