Bridal Bouquet Design - Handles and Holders

An often-overlooked aspect of bridal bouquet design is the type of handle or holder that you are going to have. This can make a huge difference to the feel, weight and style of your bouquet. Here are some ideas from bouquets that I have created recently.

Bridal bouquet design - detail of cascade bouquet handle

Bouquet holders

Bouquet holders are available from various manufacturers but the majority of them are plain white plastic that looks...well a bit cheap.

I like to give the holder a makeover to make it look and feel stylish. I'll often wrap it with sumptuous satin ribbon, which gives a sophisticated appearance.

Another way is to cover it with colored organza, as illustrated in the photo (this is a shot of the back of a cascade bouquet). I held the material in place with color-coordinated beaded wire.

Another option is to get a superior quality bouquet holder. This example is silver, although you can also obtain a gold version.

I was aiming to really show the roses off at their stunning best here, with the minimum of fuss and additional elements. The saying "less is more" comes to mind.

This type of bouquet holder is great for posy style bouquets where it will be on show, but it can also be used for cascade bridal bouquets.

Red rose bridal bouquet with silver handle

Ribbonning a Bouquet

Recently, I've spoken to a lot of brides that like the idea of a 'natural-looking' bouquet. This can be achieved by leaving the stems exposed and can be used on a handtied wedding bouquet or a sheath bouquet as illustrated in the photo below (left). The ribbon on this bouquet is held in place with diamante-headed pins, which provide a nice decorative finish.

sheath bouquet design showing the base with ribbons and diamante pins bridal bouquet with ribboned handle

You can add a little embellishment by using two ribbons of different sizes as shown in the photo above (right) of a handtied posy bouquet. There are all sorts of options in terms of colors and textures when you start using multiple ribbons. For instance you can have bows or create an intricate weave pattern..

For a more classic look, you can cover the whole handle in ribbon. This makes the bouquet easy to hold and handle. This photo (below) is of a bride's box just before I left to deliver it. On the left is the bride's bouquet which was fully ribboned in ivory silk. On the right is the bridesmaid's bouquet, which you can see is ribboned in a color that matched her dress. In fact it was exactly the same material as the bridesmaid's dress.

bride and bridesmaids bouquet showing design of handle which is ribboned to match the bridesmaids dress

For more ideas on bridal bouquet design, see our main page on wedding bouquets.

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