Bulk Wedding Flowers

If you're planning to make your own wedding arrangements, you'll need to get a reliable supplier of bulk wedding flowers. Most professional florists will have a specialist wholesaler that they use. But many of these wholesalers are 'trade only'. Luckily, with the Internet things are changing. There are now a growing number of online flower companies that will supply direct to the public. This is ideal if you are a bride, a wedding coordinator or a venue.

Specialist suppliers of wholesale calla lilies, Pacific Callas, has an extensive range of products available through their website. There's a calla to suit everyone, whether you want the refined elegance of traditional white callas or prefer to make a splash with bright orange.

The process for ordering through an Internet supplier is simple. Browse through the online catalogue, select the type of blooms that you want and the colors that will fit into your wedding theme. Place your order online and then get your flowers delivered by FedEx, DHL or UPS.

Tips for Using Bulk Wedding Flowers

Order your flowers to arrive 2-3 days ahead of your event. This will give the flowers time to drink some water and look in top shape for the occasion. If the delivery is held up for a day or so for whatever reason, there is still time to get everything finished. Pacific Callas recommend having a Wednesday delivery for a Saturday wedding.

Choose flowers that are quick and easy to care for and make into arrangements. Calla lilies are ideal, but you could also choose roses or gerberas. If you choose roses, consider asking for a variety that has no thorns on it.

Make sure somebody is available to receive the delivery. Deliveries from FedEx or DHL are guaranteed to arrive by 10.30am in most areas. The flowers are usually shipped dry so you will want to get them into water as soon as possible.

Your bulk wedding flowers will be delivered direct from the grower, so they will be as fresh, or even fresher, than those that have come from a florist shop. However, you need to care for them to make sure that they stay at their best for your event. Place them in cool fresh water and store them in a cool place. Avoid direct sunlight getting on them until the big day.