Calla Lily Wedding Bouquets

If you are looking for a stunning and elegant bridal bouquet then you might think about having a calla lily wedding bouquet. Calla lilies work well when used in shower bouquets, handtied posies and sheaf bouquets. Here is more information on the different shaped calla lily bridal bouquets.

Shower or Cascading Bouquets

bride holding a calla lily and rose wedding bouquet white calla lily shower bouquet

The shower shape is a perfect choice for a calla lily wedding bouquet as these flowers have a long enough stem to enable them to feature right down into the trailing point of the bouquet.

Here you can see Jayne (above left) holding a long trailing shower bouquet that I made featuring ivory calla lilies. Jayne asked me to make a very long bouquet but she didn’t want it to be too heavy or bulky in appearance, so I used the small delicate ‘Crystal Blush’ calla lilies. We also use this variety of lily for buttonholes, as it’s not too large.

Calla lily shower bouquets look stunning when featuring a mass of the lilies with very little foliage and no other types of flower. Like this one in the photo (above right) you can see how I have just added a small amount of eucalyptus in-between the lilies.

Mixed Calla Lily Bouquets

Although calla lilies look beautiful on their own they also work well when combined with other flowers. You can see in this photo below left how I have combined ivory calla lilies with white cymbidium orchids and lilac purple freesias. The freesias were added to give fragrance and color.

wedding bouquet of calla lilies, orchids and freesias Pink calla lily cascade bouquet

You can also see here above right how I have combined the beautiful cerise pink calla lily with roses, lisianthus and hypericum berries. It’s amazing how many different looks you can create with this beautiful flower.

Handtied Posy Bouquets

Calla lilies can also feature in posy wedding bouquets. You can either use a mass of just calla lilies or mix them in with other flowers to fit your season or colour theme. Below you can see both versions - on the left is a small bridesmaid’s handtied posy of just calla lilies, on the right a mixed bridal bouquet featuring mango calla lilies alongside yellow roses and green chrysanthemums.

Calla lily posy bouquet Wedding bouquet featuring mango calla lilies

Sheaf Bouquets

I often find that brides either love or hate this style of calla lily wedding bouquet. It’s held over the arm, and you can see below one here featuring the hot pink and yellow tropical colour theme.

Calla lily sheaf bouquet

This type of bouquet is not at all difficult to hold once you’ve been shown. Because of the long stems and shape of the calla lily they also work very well in sheaf bouquets. We often produce calla lily sheaf bouquets for bridesmaids when the bride has chosen to hold a calla lily shower bouquet.


So if you are thinking of having calla lily wedding flowers I hope that gives you a few ideas to think about. It always amazes me how you can feature one flower in so many different ways.

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