Calla Lily Wedding Flowers

Now for one of my personal favourites! Calla lily wedding flowers are not only beautiful, they just ooze a sophisticated elegance that you don't find in other flowers.

White callas are a popular colour for weddings. They look both modern and chic. It is probably no co-incidence that white callas are popular with contemporary interior designers.

white calla wedding flowers


Other colours are also available from brilliant yellows, to oranges and the striking dark purple/black mini-calla 'schwarzwalder'. If you really want to get people talking, a mixed bridal bouquet of white callas and 'schwarzwalder' will certainly do the trick!

There are a wide range of accessories with a calla lily design including favors, save the date cards and invitations. This means that you could easily put together a calla lily wedding theme.

Calla Lily Facts

Calla lily means 'Beauty' in the language of flowers. In fact the word calla comes from the Greek word 'kallos' meaning beauty. Callas are also sometimes called arum lilies.

Callas originate from Southern Africa, but are now grown in numerous areas of the world. You should be able to get them all year round.

Is Size Important?

Callas come in a variety of sizes, so make sure that you ask your florist what size yours will be. Bigger is not always better. The smaller mini-callas are great when mixed in with other flowers or for petite brides. The larger varieties can make a spectacular bridal bouquet.

Best Calla Lily Wedding Flowers Designs

Thanks to their long straight stems, calla lilies work well as bridal sheath bouquets. They can also easily be incorporated into cascade / shower bouquets.

If you want to continue the calla theme through to your reception, there is a host of possibilities. You can capitalise on the flowers straight stems to produce an upright tall wedding centrepiece display. Alternatively you could take advantage of the flowers pliable stem to produce a curved 'sculptured' arrangement.

calla lily wedding flowers

Above is a photo of a display that Cindy made and demonstrated on stage at the Spring Florist Event. This was a Teleflorist sponsored event, and it shows how callas can be bent into shape. I particularly like the contrast between the gentle curve of the calla and the straight lines of the snakegrass.

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