Simple Heart Wedding Centerpiece

IdeasHere are a couple of ideas for a heart wedding centerpiece. These are ideal if you want simple but romantic centerpieces at your reception.

Red Heart Wedding Centerpiece

The first idea makes use of heart shaped floristry foam. It used to be the case that floristry foam came just in dark green and florists were always taught to cover up the foam using flowers or foliage.

Now foams are available in a wide range of colours and shapes such as the 'Rainbow' range from Oasis. With their bright colors these modern foams can now become part of the design rather than being hidden away.

heart wedding centerpiece

The arrangement above is a 'Grand Prix' rose which is particularly popular for weddings (and Valentines Day).

One thing that we have noticed about these new foams is that they do not hold water as well as the traditional materials. So be prepared to water your arrangements if they are prepared in advance.

Floating Heart Candle Centerpiece

floating heart candle centerpiece

A second idea for a heart wedding centerpiece is to use heart-shaped floating candles. These should be quite easy to obtain. Here I have put a single red rose in the center of the arrangement. It is anchored in a small vase so that it remains central. Try to ensure that the candles will not singe the petals of the flower.

Remember to nominate somebody to light all of the floating candles before guests enter the reception. This can be a member of the venue staff or the wedding party. The arrangement will lose some of its impact if somebody is rushing around with a packet of matches lighting candles once everybody is seated.

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