Practical Low Centerpieces for Weddings

Low centerpieces are an ideal way to create arrangements that are practical and will look beautiful on the day. Some people prefer low arrangements because they do not impede sightlines and can be very cost-effective.

But that doesn't mean that they have to be boring. With some imagination you can create wonderful centrepieces that will leave a lasting impression on your wedding guests. Here are a few ideas for you:

Floating Centerpieces

These are always popular and can be as simple or ornate as you like. For a simple arrangement you can float roses or cymbidiums in a vase. Large shallow vases are popular for this but in the photo below you can see that we have used very large 'goldfish bowls'. The beautiful large red roses work particularly well in this arrangement.

floating rose low centerpiece

For a stunning floating display try this idea. Surround a circular shallow vase with floristry foam. Then decorate the foam with flowers to match your wedding theme. You will then have a striking ring of flowers. In the circular vase add floating candles in a color that complements the flowers.

Long Table Centerpieces

When you are decorating tables that are long as opposed to circular, you need to have linear arrangements. Many long tables have limited space for decorations once you consider that there is a person sitting either side of the table together with their assorted cutlery, crockery and glasses (weddings often have 3 glasses at each setting for wine, water and champagne).

We try and design so that the decorations are unobtrusive but still look great. The arrangement below is created from red 'Grand Prix' roses and lined with snakegrass. This makes an elegant arrangement that is very popular.

long low centerpiece

Another idea for long tables is to put a small arrangement of just a few flowers in front of each place setting. Many flowers will work for this idea including roses, orchids, tulips and gerberas. These arrangements could then double up as favors for your guests.

Simple Low Centerpieces

For a simple but stylish look choose low centerpieces created from all one color of the same flower. In the photo below we have used tulips. Roses would also look great.

tulip low centerpiece

For this type of monochromatic arrangement to look good, it is important to get the shape right. Here we have a created a 'dome-shape' that has this profile when viewed from all sides. Without the shape, this type of arrangement can lose its impact.

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