Rose Petal Decorations

Rose petal decorations can give a lovely romantic feel to your wedding venue and reception. They are frequently used by professional florists to quickly transform wedding table settings and give a lift to ceremony venues. But you could easily create your own decorations with them. Specialist Internet suppliers of rose petals like Pick a Petal now make it easier than ever to get your own petals to decorate with.

Types of Petals

There are basically 3 types of petals available. Fresh petals are picked the day before and sent through to you. These have a beautiful fragrance and soft texture and are ideal for decorations and as an alternative to confetti. As they are biodegradable, there is no problem in using them outside.

Freeze dried petals are real rose petals that have been specially treated so that they are easy to store and to transport. The third type is silk or artificial petals. These have the advantage of being cost-effective and can be surprisingly life-like.


A common use for petals is by the flowergirls. These are the cutest members of the wedding party and are always very popular with guests. Traditionally flowergirls had a basket to carry rose petals and they would sprinkle the aisle with them prior to the bride making her entrance.

Above are some suitable containers that could be used. Allowing your flowergirl to keep the basket afterwards will be a nice memento for them of your wedding.

Wedding Reception Decoration

Rose petals are popular for decorating reception tables. Sprinkle them around the base of wedding centerpieces and flower arrangements. You can also use them to decorate the ice buckets that champagne is put into and to decorate the trays that drinks are served on.

Alternative Confetti

Why not toss something more romantic than just confetti? Rose petals can make a lovely alternative to confetti. Here are some suitable containers that you can use to hold your petals.

More Rose Petal Decoration Ideas

When I got married, my bridesmaid surprised me by decorating my hotel room and bed with fresh rose petals. A lovely thought.

Instead of a red carpet, line the aisle with rose petals.If you are having an outside wedding cover them up to prevent them from being blown away. Then arrange for your attendants to remove the covers moments before the guests arrive.

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