How to Create Simple Wedding Centerpieces

Want an elegant chic look to your reception? Simple wedding centerpieces are the answer. These are ideal if you don't want fussy arrangements with lots of flowers.

For a minimalist display, choose flowers that have an interesting or architectural shape. Anthuriums have large heads and come in a variety of bright colours. They are real head-turners because they are not used as commonly as roses or chrysanthemums etc.

Calla lilies also produce good results in minimalist displays. This is due to their ability to be worked into beautiful curved shapes.

Budget Simple Wedding Centerpieces

Here are a couple of ideas if you are looking to produce some simple wedding centerpieces on a budget.

You could simply opt for potted flowering plants instead of arranged flowers. Whilst some people think that these do not have the 'wow' factor associated with a good flower arrangement, they can still look very attractive. They also have the benefit that you can use them in your home afterwards or give them away as gifts/favors.

Surround the plants with tea lights or votive candles to add interest and light.

Gerbera plants are easily obtained and make a colourful and fun centrepiece. They may be a little small on large circular tables, in which case you could use chrysanthemums. For a Christmas wedding you could use Poinsettias.

Another inexpensive idea that is easily created is a floating flower arrangement. Flowers that work well in this type of centrepiece include roses and cymbidium orchids. Cut the flowers so that they have just an inch of stem and carefully place them on the water.

You can choose the colours to fit with your wedding theme, but I think strong colours work particularly well such as deep reds and vibrant oranges.

To finish your floating centerpiece you can place coloured glass pebbles in the bottom of the container. You could also use some floating candles, but ensure that these are not going to singe the flowers.

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