Colourful Spring Wedding Flowers

If you are looking for spring wedding flowers, you have a fantastic choice. This is the time of year Nature replaces the drab of winter with a mass of colour. It's also a time traditionally associated with new beginnings. What better time is there to get married!

Flowers that you could choose now include roses and ranunculus. In the photo below we teamed up these two flowers with maroon coloured amaranthus to produce a centrepiece for a spring wedding.

ranunculus spring wedding flowers

Flowers From Traditional Spring Bulbs

Tulips are at the peak of their season now, so you will be able to get the best choice and prices. The choice is amazing with over 500 varieties of cut tulip available. You can choose from yellow through to red, white, and mauve/purple (sorry, no blue).

tulip posy bouquet creating spring tulip centerpieces

Choose tight budded tulips for your arrangements. If you put tulips into a warm, centrally-heated building in spring they will start to open. You don't want them to look 'blown'.

Hyacinths have their main season in spring. I like using them as much for their lovely fragrance as their delicate shape and colour. Some people think of hyacinths as being a bit stuffy and old-fashioned but in the hands of a good florist they can match many more 'modern' flowers for beauty. I created the unusual bridal bouquet below using blue hyacinths and steelgrass. They also work particularly well as a secondary flower in an arrangement, for example with roses.

Hyacinth wedding bouquet for a spring wedding daffodil buttonhole for a spring wedding

Daffodils are classic spring wedding flowers. Yellow is the most popular color but there are also white varieties. Standard sizes can be used for bouquets and table arrangements whilst 'mini-daffodils' can be used for boutonnieres and corsages, as seen in the photo above.

Less Common Spring Wedding Flowers

Peonies make a refreshing bouquet for a spring bride (photo below left). If you are choosing this flower remember to let your florist know if you want the flowers to be in bud, or fully open or a mixture of both. It can completely change the look to a bouquet.

Bride holding pink peony wedding bouquet Lily of the vally flowers

Lily of the Valley has a short season around April and May. The beautiful small white flowers (photo above right), have a distinctive fragrance that many people love. It works well for gentlemen's buttonholes (boutonnieres) as well as for bridal bouquets. It is one of the more expensive flowers considering its size. And if you want to get it out of season you will need very deep pockets indeed.

Add Colour with Gerberas

Gerberas (gerber daisies) are available all year round and are a welcome addition to seasonally available spring wedding flowers. They are available in a wide variety of colours so they are useful to create a colour harmony in combination with other flowers.

You'll find gerberas available in all the colours that people associate with spring such as bright yellow, red and white.

Valentines Day Wedding - Romantic Ideal or Troublesome Expense?

When you are planning your spring wedding it is worth bearing in mind two of the biggest dates in the florist's calendar. If you are getting married around Valentines Day or Mother's Day, the cost of flowers goes up significantly, often doubling in price.

You may also find that florists are less willing to take on weddings because they are so busy. If you do want to get married around these dates, book your florist in plenty of time and agree a fixed price for your spring wedding flowers before the day.

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