Submerged Orchid Centerpiece

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Can u suggest something for an outside beachclub wedding -Florida. Wanted to use a tall cylinder combining cymbidum orchids & candles...can it be done in one cylinder. Does cylinder have to be heat resistant??? Could sure use your help & suggestions.




Hi Janet,
Thanks for your message.

I would suggest submerging single orchid heads underwater in your tall cylindrical vase. Then floating a candle on the top. I've done this several times with a normal vase (not heat-resistant).

The reason I think it works for me is I fill the vase almost to the top with water and only float a single candle.

The picture below demonstartes this (you'll have to use your imagination a bit as this picture is taken on the edge of a table; try and imagine it in the centre of a round table with a circular mirror beneath it).

submerged orchids with a candle wedding centerpiece

Another idea would be to use large glass hurricane vases containing a chunky candle with orchid heads placed around the candle on the inside of the vase ( or in a ring outside if you prefer).

Hope that is useful.

Best Wishes,



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