Plan Your Summer Wedding Flowers

Having a summer wedding? Then there is a great choice of summer wedding flowers for you. In fact it is the time of year when there is a natural explosion of colourful blooms available. These include everything from tall flowering plants that are ideal for venue arrangements to delicate flowering annuals.

summer wedding bouquet for a bride

The summer wedding bouquet in the photo above has been created using roses, freesias, veronica and eryngium (thistle).

Traditional Summer Flowers

Stock and peony summer wedding centerpiecePlanning a wedding around traditional summer flowers is easy. Stock has pretty white and pink varieties, and a strong sweet scent.

It is generally available around late spring and summer. Some people think of stock as a bit old-fashioned since the arrival of exotic tropical flowers, but they do have an appeal and beauty all of their own.

The wonderful tall blue delphiniums are available at this time and these work well in ceremony arrangements, as do gladioli.

Other flowers that can be combined into traditional summer arrangements include columbine (aquilegia), snapdragons (Antirrhinums), and irises.

Wedding Flower Favourites

The popular wedding flower favourites are all available at this time of year and make excellent summer wedding flowers. Roses are out in abundance in our gardens during summer, and are a popular choice for many brides. Nowadays there is no problem in getting roses year round from florists.

Calla lilies and roses in an ivory bridal bouquet Roses and gerberas in a summer wedding bouquet

Lilies and calla lilies will be seen at many summer weddings. Calla lilies can make the most perfect white wedding flowers. They can be mixed with other flowers, as in the bouquet above left.

Lilies such as 'stargazer' can be used in venue arrangements. Their large blooms and scent make them popular choices. Just make sure you do not get lily pollen on your white dress. It is nearly impossible to remove on the day.

Gerberas are another well-liked alternative. These perfectly round flowers are great for bridal bouquets (above right), as well as for adding fun and interest to reception arrangements.

Unusual Summer Wedding Flowers

Less usual flowers that can be used at a summer wedding include cockscomb (Celosia). This plant gets its name from the crinkled, velvety flower head that resembles a rooster's comb. It's a great flower to add texture, and bright colour to a bouquet and other arrangements. It is available in a variety of colours including red, yellow and pink (see below).

celosia and calla lily bouquet

Love-in-a-Mist (Nigella) is not commonly used in wedding bouquets. However it can be successfully combined with other flowers such as roses to create a really different type of bouquet. The plant gets its name from the feathery foliage that surrounds the flower heads. This can add an interesting extra dimension to your bouquet.

Busy Summer Florist

purple summer wedding flowers

As you can imagine, summer weddings are our most busy time but also the time of year that I enjoy most. Above is a photo of me delivering a large order of summer wedding flowers including stocks, roses, lisianthus and eucalyptus.

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