Top Trends in Wedding Bouquet Design

Wedding bouquet design is constantly evolving along with current fashions and trends. When Princess Diana got married in the 80's she had a beautiful long shower (cascade) bouquet. This started a trend for this type of design. Likewise different colors and types of flowers seem to go in and out of favour.

So what are the current popular trends in wedding bouquet design? Here is what brides are talking to us about at the moment.


Simple and elegant designs are popular at the moment; these include hand-tied bouquets and posy bouquets. When we are asked for a shower bouquet, it is often to produce a contemporary version. This could be by using exotic flowers such as anthuriums, or by designing it to be chic and unfussy.


There is now a choice of ways to accent your bouquet. Diamante and other crystals can be incorporated into the design and these are quite popular with young brides.

The use of decorative wire has now reached designer status and is great for those looking for a modern look to their bouquet.

Incorporating feathers into the wedding bouquet design is another way to add a modern touch. This can either be amongst the flowers themselves or as a 'collar' around a posy or hand-tied bouquet.


Roses are still the most popular wedding flowers. But tulips and gerber daisies (gerberas) are also well-liked.

We've noticed a rise in the number of people asking for tropical flowers in their bouquets. This is either because they are having a tropical theme or they are looking for a contemporary feel to their flowers. All manner of orchids including cymbidium, Singapore and Phalaenopsis orchids work well in tropical bouquets. Anthuriums and Protea are also great choices.


Red and white flowers are probably still the two most popular colors. But brides are becoming much more daring in their color schemes. We get a lot of requests for pink color schemes, with purple and burgundy also being asked for.

Traditional with a Contemporary Twist

When speaking to brides a frequent wish for their wedding bouquet design is to have it 'traditional with a contemporary twist'. They don't want a bouquet like their mother's but then again they don't want something that is way-out and radical. A contemporary stylish look can be achieved by using contemporary flowers, design and accessories.

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