5 Quick Tips to Avoid a Wedding Flower Disaster!

1) Preparation

Be prepared - Choose your florist in plenty of time. Many get booked up in advance, and may not be able to arrange your wedding if you leave it too late. Most florists will take a deposit to confirm that you 'are in the diary'.

Arrange all the details of the colour, type and quantity of flowers with your florist early. This will give her plenty of time to order in the correct flowers.

If you or a friend is doing the flowers, allow plenty of time on the morning of the wedding for preparation. Seventeen table arrangements can take a surprisingly long time to make up!

2) Timing is Everything

Even if friends or family are providing the flowers don't let them make up too early. - There is nothing worse than wilting arrangements on your big day. This is a real possibility if you are having a wedding on a hot summers day and the delicate arrangements are not in water.

I've seen reception garlands that have been put up on a Friday, that looked limp and lifeless by the Saturday - and that's before the reception had taken place!

If you are using a good florist, bouquets and room arrangements that are not in water, will be made on the morning of the wedding to reduce this problem. Florists spray their arrangements with a special flower preservative that helps to reduce water loss and therefore reduce wilting.

During the day, you could use a plant mister on the arrangements to help them stay fresh looking. If done sparingly, this will leave small water droplets on the flowers that give a pleasing effect as they catch the light.

3) Care with Lilies

Lilies such as Stargazers, are a popular choice of wedding flower, both for their look and fragrance. But beware of the pollen! If it drops onto your clothes it can leave an orange stain that is extremely difficult to remove. It's the equivalent of smudging your white dress with some vindaloo curry - disaster! Ask your florist to snip off the pollen bearing parts of the flower for you.

4) Overworked Florist?

Check with your chosen florist how many wedding bookings they take on one day. No single wedding florist should have more than 1 or 2 bookings (unless they have an army of staff). How can they dedicate themselves to providing the very best for you if they are organising and delivering to lots of events?

5) Get it in Writing

Make sure you obtain a very detailed quote/contract outlining all your requirements before booking. This should include things like the color names for flowers such as roses. Do this to prevent misunderstandings before they occur. There is nothing worse than having your flowers delivered on the morning of your wedding and the colors are wrong, or the number of arrangements is incorrect. By that time it is too late to correct any mistakes.

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