Wedding Flowers Ivy and Other Foliage

When you are planning your wedding flowers ivy, aspidistra leaves and other foliage can form a crucial part of the design. Many of the top creative florists use foliage to add colour, texture and shape to their designs.

Steel grass, aspidistra leaves and phormium leaves can be gently bent into beautiful curved shapes. This can give a sculptured effect to your display, and a very contemporary feel.

rose wedding flowers ivy

Foliage can also form an important background to allow you to show off your flowers to best effect. An example of this is the gentleman's boutonniere (buttonhole). An ivy leaf behind the rose provides a natural frame for it. You can see how we've achieved this in the photo above. These ivy leaves are all individually wired which allows the exact placing of the leaf.

Another simple idea for using foliage is to trail it around objects. For instance you can trail it around a candelabra as in the photo below. Here we used white Singapore orchids which complement the ivy.

white wedding flowers ivy

Types of Ivy

There are different varieties of ivy. Some are just dark green others are variegated being green and cream, or green and yellow in appearance. This gives you plenty of opportunity to match the foliage to your flowers.

Ivy is available in a range of leaf sizes. Get the size that is most appropriate to your arrangement as it is this kind of attention to detail that makes a good arrangement into a great arrangement.

Foliage to use with Wedding Flowers

Of course when planning your wedding flowers ivy isn't the only foliage that you can use. In large ceremony arrangements go for large leaves such as kentia palm leaves and strelitzia leaves.

On wedding centrepieces don't allow foliage to get in the way of conversation or plates etc on the table. Fine foliage such as beargrass and steelgrass add interest without obstructing.

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