Stunning Winter Wedding Flowers

There is a vast range of winter wedding flowers available thanks to commercial growers cultivating under glass, and importing from warmer climates. There are also some spectacular flowers that are seasonal at this time of year.

white ranunculus wedding flowers bride with her winter wedding flowers

One of my favourite flowers which are available at this time of year are ranunculus (photo above). These flowers can be used in table centres, bouquets and boutonnieres. Colors include white, purple, deep red, orange, yellow and pink.


Marilyn Monroe's Choice

Cymbidium orchids make fantastic bridal bouquet flowers. There is a wide selection available in winter. Colours include white, yellow and pale green. Marilyn Monroe chose a posy of white cymbidium orchids for her winter wedding to baseball player Joe DiMaggio in January 1954.

Wedding Favourites

winter wedding centerpiece with roses and amaranthusThere is no shortage of the popular wedding flowers in winter. Gerberas (gerber daisies) in their multitude of colours are available, as are tulips.

Roses are also commonly available through florists, with many being grown and imported from countries like Kenya.

In the photo on the left you can see how I've used lime green chrysanthemums with gerberas and deep red roses for a winter wedding. These flowers are available all the year round.


Unusual Winter Wedding Flowers

An unusual flower that is available in winter is Anigozanthos. Commonly known as kangaroo paw, this is a plant that grows in Australia. It has a wonderful soft feel, making it useful for adding texture as well as colour to reception arrangements. It is available in yellow, pale pearly pink, lime green or rich dark red.

Anemones can really add a blast of color to winter wedding flowers. These amazing blooms have a really dark almost black centre that looks just like velvet. They can be used on their own like the wedding posy bouquet you can see below left. You can also combine them with other flowers such as roses, ranunculus, hypericum berries, statis and black hedera berries. The deep and rich colors of purple and red work especially well for a winter wedding theme.

anemone wedding flowers winter wedding flowers at the ice hotel lapland

One of the most spectacular is amaryllis. This winter flowering plant looks at its best in table decorations. You can then appreciate the 30 inch (75cm) tall stems, and huge flower heads. These wonderful flowers are available in red, white and white/pink varieties.

Nerine is a delicate flower available in pink and white. These make a pretty addition to a winter bouquet or reception arrangement if you want something a little bit different.

Winter Foliage

Foliage that can be used to add shades of green include ivy and holly. Both of these plants are popular Christmas decorations and so lend themselves to Christmas wedding flowers. Just remember that the berries on holly are poisonous, so you may choose not to use them in table centres (or where little children may pick them).

pussy willow and tulips centerpieceGreat results can be obtained by using tree and plant stems in ceremony and reception arrangements. They add height to arrangements and their geometric straight lines contrast well with winter wedding flowers.

At this time of year you will find both red dogwood and yellow dogwood stems are available. Both of these add special interest to the arrangement through their vivid colour. Pussy willow stems are in season now, and it is almost impossible to resist stroking the soft fur-like buds. Pussy willow is surprisingly pliable and can be bent into interesting shapes (see photo on left).

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